Quorn Bolognese

So a traditional Spaghetti Bolognese consists of Beef and spaghetti, neither of which actually feature in this version. This is a completely meat free, vegetarian-friendly, 5-a-day sneaky, yet still satisfyingly tasty version.

We’ve chosen Quorn as our protein source tonight, for those of you wondering, Quorn is a mycoprotein grown from a fungus which is suitable for vegetarians and a healty substitute for minced meat.


Paleo spaghetti

For the Spaghetti:

1 Bottle Gourd (julienned)

1 Carrot (julienned)

Olive oil

Salt  & Pepper to taste

For the Bolognese

500gr Quorn

1 Onion

1 Apple (diced)

1 Carrot (diced)

Half a head of garlic (unless you are making this for a first date)

A handful of mushrooms (we used button but any will do)

Left-over vegetables (optional, we threw in an old tomato, a yellow pepper and some asparagus but none of these are essential)

1 Tin of canned tomatoes

2 Tbsp Soya sauce

A good sprinkle of paprika, cayenne pepper, red chili powder, oregano & basil

A dollop of BBQ sauce (or another sprinkle of Paprika to keep pure paleo ingredients)

2 Glasses of red wine (one to go in the pot and one for you!)

Cooking Method:

On a medium heat, sauté the onion & garlic in a little olive oil, then add your diced apple, (trust me on this one)  carrot and left over veggies. Let it all sweat for a few minutes and add the Quorn (can be added straight from the freezer) and mushrooms.

After the Quorn has defrosted add your bbq sauce (this can be substituted with sun-dried tomato paste if you don’t like the smokey flavor) and about a glass of wine.

Keep the heat high until most of wine has evaporated (about 2 mins) then add some of the herbs, I like to add most of the herbs in the beginning so they can stew then taste it closer to the end and re-season if needed.

Let this simmer for a good 20 mins, longer if you can wait and in the meantime prepare some

Paleo spaghetti from our previous post or just regular spaghetti if you prefer.

Enjoy! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Quorn Bolognese

  1. Be careful eating Quorn … it’s actually not too great for you and actually is not paleo at all. I used to eat it as a former vegetarian in my pre-paleo days, so I am familiar with it. Mark Sisson talks about it on his blog if you’re interested in checking it out http://www.marksdailyapple.com/is-it-primal-7-more-foods-scrutinized/#axzz20pYAbkm8. It’s also mentioned on an older post he blogged about (scroll down to #2 Mold, I mean mycoprotein) http://www.marksdailyapple.com/mold/#axzz20pYln0ir. I hope you find the information helpful – I just wanted to spread the word, that’s all!

    • Thank you for the comment PaleoInPortland. We looked into it and we think you’re righ
      t! It’s not the fact that Quorn is made from fungus that renders it un-paleo (definitely a real word), but the amount of processed ingredients and preservatives that are added to it. It’ll be kept on as ‘vegetarian’ recipe, but no longer falls under the ‘paleo’ category!

      Great website by the way, the produce you are using looks super fresh and the seasonal fruits look amazing!!

      • I’m happy to help and glad to hear that you found the information insightful! Also, thanks for your kind words about my website. It’s still a work in progress, but I’m having a lot of fun with it and enjoy sharing the food I eat with others 🙂

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