Yoghurt ‘Snow’

This was never intended as a blog post and we actually stumbled across this by accident but it turned out so tasty and unexpected that we had to share.

Khalid doesn’t normally eat yoghurt as its not Paleo but I found some Organic Yoevally Greek yoghurt on offer the other day and couldnt resist. As it was 2-for-1 I threw a whole pot in the freezer so that it wouldn’t go to waste. We made a standard fruit salad and had these visions of whisking the yoghurt up in the liquidizer and we would have delisious frozen yoghurt however, the reality was slightly different. the yoghurt tumbled around in the processor turning into a massive solid snow ball and little flakes of ‘snow’ chipped off the frozen ball, resulting in the most extraordinary sensation as it melts in your mouth. You expect it to be like frozen yoghurt or ice cream but in fact the heat from you mouth turns the ‘ice cream’ back into yoghurt.


Mixed fruit salad of your choice

1/2 pot of frozen yoghurt (vanilla or greek yoghurt works well)

A sprinkle of flax seeds

A teaspoon of organic honey


Cut the frozen yogurt block in half, width-ways, smaller than a baseball

Throw the frozen block into a blender and whack it on low for about a minute. the block will turn into a smooth ball, and a ‘snow’ like yogurt fluff will be left on the sides of the blender .

Scoop out the ‘snow’ over your mix of fruits, add honey and flax seeds and enjoy!

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