Paleo Basil Mint Pesto

Pesto… the food of the gods… but unfortunately laden with Parmesan cheese and therefore rendering it un-paleo. Luckily its super easy and quick to whip up your own version.

Today we opted for a mint-basil version because we were going to stuff it under the skin of a roast chicken and I wanted that fresh spring taste. When the pesto is going to be cooked (as in this case) you can add extra garlic but if you were making this to stir through pasta then hold back on the last 2 cloves of garlic.


  • 2-4 cloves of garlic
  • A load of basil (we just chopped the whole head of our basil plant off as it was looking a bit tired from the summer heat, this probably translates to 2 handfulls of fresh basil)
  • Fresh mint (about half the quantity of basil leaves)
  • 50g Raw pine nuts
  • lots of olive oil (add bit by bit until you get the consistency that you want)
  • A good grind of salt and pepper
  • Juice of half  lemon

Cooking Method:

Lightly toast the pine nuts in a dry frying pan make sure to stir it constantly to give them that all over toasty brown rather burning on one side.

Roughly chop the fresh herbs and throw them into a blender (stalks and all) along with all the ingredients accept for the olive oil.

Blend and gradually pour the oil in whilst on a low whirr until your reach your desired consistency. Once blended squeeze the juice of half a lemon.

This is all about personal preference which is why the ratios of ingredients are vague, taste it and add more of what you like. If you are not following the ‘Caveman’ diet then some Parmesan works wonders. Wild rocket or roasted red peppers also work well.




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