Amazing Asian Salmon with Cranberries

We have just returned from a 5 day mini-holiday in Goa where we relaxed by the beach ate lots and lots of amazing food (blog & food pics to follow) and I made a promise to Khalid to practice what I preach and Join him in his Paleo lifestyle 🙂 Up until now I’ve been eating whatever I like during the day and only following the no-carb side of Paleo in the evenings so that we can eat together. So here goes, The promise if for one month but I have a feeling I’ll be sticking to it. I plan to eat a mainly Pesco-Paleo diet so you will see the number of fish recipes on the website increase in November.
Day 1 has been excellent so far, dinner was so tasty that I have sat down to blog it straight away! The flavours are intense but in just the right quantities of spicy, salty, sweet & sour. I highly recommend this dish.

Over a small bowl, start by crushing 2 cloves of garlic in a garlic crusher then cut the tough skin of the ginger off and crush 2 garlic-sized pieces of ginger into the bowl. you will be left with the stringy part of the ginger which you can discard.
Next combine the juice of one lime, chili flakes, vinegar ( I used white vinegar as we had run out of rice vinegar) sesame oil, fish sauce and honey. Mix it well and smother over the salmon. Add the dried cranberries and leave the salmon to marinate, skin side up, for a few hours.
When ready, squeeze the juice of half the second lime over the salmon and place it in a cold oven set at 170 degrees for 40 mins. The slow heating up allows the flesh to stay nice and moist yet the skin crisps right up and is delicious.
Once it is done, remove the salmon from the oven, place each fillet on a plate and deglaze the roasting tin with 50ml of cranberry juice. stir vigorously while the pan is still hot to create a delicious glaze to pour over the finished salmon.
Serve with a simple cucumber salad.

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