Fake Fettuccine

Sticking to my plan of trying mystery vegetables I have two new lovely ladies to introduce to you: Vellery and Ashley!

Vellery: Google failed to give me much information about this one but  from what I understand Vellery is a Malayalam word describing a type of cucumber. It’s yellow and almost ‘leopard print’ to look at. larger than our standard cucumbers and tastes somewhere between a honeydew melon and a cucumber when raw.

Ash Gourd a.k.a Ashley  does come up if you google it and is known as a winter melon. This was more of a gourd slightly firmer flesh and less sweet. it didn’t taste of much at all when raw.

We thought the best experiment option for these guys was as a pasta substitute. We found that bottle gourd worked so well as fake spaghetti and has become an absolute staple around here but the flesh of these two were not as firm so instead of using the juilenne peeler we used a cheese slicer to make Fettuccine shaped ‘pasta’

The result was rather good. Vallery turned into slightly sticky almost ‘udon’ type noodles and Ash came out slightly firmer and more like Fettuccine. I think these would work excellently in a Paleo Pad Thai or something similar – Can’t wait!

Cooking Method:

Use a cheese slicer to ‘slice’ the skin off and discard. Using the cheese slicer again, slice the gourds into long flat ‘noodles’ and place in a bowl with salt and pepper.

Heat a small amount of olive oil in a Wok and stir fry the ‘noodles’ straining any excess water off as you go.

Serve with the sauce of your choice. Featured here with our Puttenesca recipe.

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