A leafy Experiment

A new Organic shop has opened up in the neighbourhood. I’m so excited soooo much good food!! And a whole section of locally grown chemical-free fresh veg. If you’re in town it’s worth a visit. It’s called Mazaraa.

2012-12-09 19.53.17

It fit’s in well with our aim to try new things so tonight isn’t so much a recipe but rather a research piece.

On the taste testing menu was Radish leaves, Cauliflower leaves and local Chard. We tried each one raw and then wilted them all together with garlic and olive oil which of course turned out delicious. I think it’s an unfair test because you could cook a flip-flop in garlic and it would taste good!

Up first on the bench were the lovely Radish Leaves (I clearly need to learn how to spell) 2012-12-09 20.18.52a

They were quite light in texture, tasted (unsurprisingly) like radishes but slightly milder. Peppery and in the same line as wild rocket. These would be a lovely addition as a salad and tasted great raw.

Next up on the table were the cauliflower leaves. They looked much heavier in texture. More in the Chinese cabbage / bok choi bracket rather than lettuce bracket.

2012-12-09 20.14.36

The Cauliflower leaves were a lot more fibrous and would be better cooked rather than raw. They had somewhat of a brussel sprout flavour to them.  Other blogs I read said that you needed to cook Cauliflower leaves for ages but they wilted really quickly and were soon tender and tasty.

Last up was the local Chard. It looked slightly different to the chard I had seen in England but I guess it’s a different strain or something.

2012-12-09 20.16.24This one was really nice raw. It was very light and watery. Mild almost lettuce like with a slight spinach undertone. Better raw then cooked as it was very thin and wilted too quickly.

So all in all the adventure was a success, these are all leaves I will buy again and look forward to incorporating  into future dishes.

If any of you have any ideas or recipes for these leaves please let us know 🙂

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