Steak on the Rocks


Photo courtesy of our good friend Antonie Roberston. You can see more of his amazing work at

In my eyes, this is the ultimate caveman experience. Starting with a 6 hour hike in the mountains, then a semi-successful tent building session out of random sheets, rope and strategically positioned cars! (who forgets their tent on a camping trip?!?) cooking meat on a rock by the fire, ukulele, and of course, excellent company! Life really is good!

I can’t explain how satisfying it is when you slap the steak on the flat rock, the instant hiss and sizzling makes you feel like such a caveman! Haha

This is not so much a recipe but more a cooking method, inspired by Jamie Oliver on a small clip I watched on a plane about his food festival!

What you need:

  • A Campfire
  • A flat rock, can be standing up or a slate rock positioned over the fire
  • Beef sliced as thin as possible
  • Your favourite marinade

The Prep:

The day before, slice your steak as thin as possible  (I cheated and asked my butcher – there in no shame in asking a professional) you really want to aim for 3mm or less and marinate it in your choice herbs and spices. I went for a spice blend I picked up in Goa which consisted of coconut, chili, lime and some amazingness that I can’t describe!! Mixed it with some coconut milk, black pepper and olive oil. Gently layer it in a Tupperware and keep it in a cool box until you are ready.

Cooking Method:

Get your fire going for about an hour and eye up a rock with a good, vertical flat face. Alternatively, you can bring a piece of black serving slate and balance it over the rocks if you prefer (black serving slate is the thing they serve canapes on in fancy restaurants). When the rock is nice and hot, pour some olive oil and give it a bit of a scrub with whatever implement you have lying around. When you are ready, re-oil the rock and slap a steak slice on. You will hear a beautiful sizzling sound – if not,  your rock isn’t ready or needs to be moved closer to the fire. You only need to cook it on one side as the slice is so thin that turning it over will overcook it. Cooking times vary depending on hot how your rock is and how you like your meat but each slice is about 1 min or less.

Enjoy straight from the fire – true caveman style!

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