A bit about us

Based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and described by their families as ‘The crock pot and it’s lid” Emma and Khalid are a pair of modern-day adventurers.

Both coming from geeky backgrounds – Khalid, a computer science major and Emma, a mechanical engineer, these two technical cook-for-fun chefs are not the first people you would trust with your dinner…Until now.

Brought together by a love for food, cooking together was the first type of bonding this duo did, they then discovered their love for adventure and new experiences, which in turn led to more eating ☺

This blog will mainly cover their favourite topic, food, but they will also try to incorporate adventure into the eating, watch out for potjes and hangies!

Emma: The Modern Woman.

Armed with a ukulele and a love for carbohydrates, Emma is the one you want to trust with your fresh raspberry cheesecakes, home made pizzas, spaghetti Bolognese, and your 3-bean, pumpkin and carrot soups.

A recovering vegetarian with 7-years of experience, Emma would choose tofu over lamb any day. Emma promotes a varied diet and loves Yoga and travel-eating.

Khalid: The Caveman.

Left to his own devices, Khalid would eat fire-cooked meat, vegetables, fruits, and nuts all day for the rest of his life.

A believer in the paleo way of life, Khalid has been a practicing caveman for months, and loving it.

Weighing in at hefty 115 kgs (253 lbs) when he was 18 years old, Khalid has tried a variety of diets from the Rastafarian Ital to Pescatarianism, and finally arriving at the caveman diet, he thinks this one is here to stay, and it’s reflected on the scales.

10 years later Khalid still has a little fat kid trapped inside, which he keeps on a steady diet of fruit and exercise.

Emma loves to incorporate new ingredients into Khalid’s life, like quorn and textured vegetable protein.

Khalid still loves a good Bolognese, so he has introduced ‘fake’ spaghetti and ‘cauliflower rice’ into Emma’s evening meals.

We hope you enjoy this website, and everything in it.

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5 thoughts on “A bit about us

    • Hi, thanks for stopping by. The majority of ingredients are just from Lulu Supermarket. We find its the best value for money and lots of choice. Occasionally we stop by The Organic shop on Dubai but that is usually only if we are looking for a specific item as its too expensive for everyday shopping. There also used to be a wonderful Organic shop just near us in Abu Dhabi called Mazaraa but it sadly seems to have closed. That’s a good idea about a spreadsheet, maybe with pictures and per kilo prices. Maybe one day… 🙂

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