Grilled Peach, Walnut and Gorgonzola Salad

Wow, this is like the evil brother of salad, some of the ingredients are not Paleo but its delicious and wonderfully indulgent.

I almost didn’t want to share this with my guests and keep it all to myself but that’s not particularly friendly!! Ther are no quantities as it’s just eyeballed.



Start by slicing the peaches into 1/2 – 1 cm thick slices, place them on a Goerge Forman grill, or in a griddle pan or on the bbq or if none of the above are available to you a frying pan will do. Drizzle with the tiniest bit of maple syrup and griddle on a low heat until just starting to brown.

Next build the salad on a bed of lettuce, cucumber , alfalfa sprouts and crumble the Gorgonzola into little bits.

while the peaches are roasting, throw the walnuts and pine nuts into a dry frying pan and toast them for 1-2 mins until golden brown. Keep a close eye on them as they manage to go from uncooked to burnt in an instant.

finally add the peaches, pomegranate seeds, pine nuts and walnuts and serve straight away while it’s still warm.

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