Paleo Pancakes (Tapioca-Banana Pancakes)

Ok ok, before you all jump down my throat and say that Tapioca flour is not Paleo, I’ve been trawling the internet and opinions differ. From what I understand Tapioca flour is extracted from the cassava root so although it is grain free it still contains starch much like sweet potatoes or pumpkin. These pancakes are still gluten free & lactose free something I thought pancakes could never be!

I woke up this morning and had a craving for pancakes. We’ve been eating a lot of eggs for brekkie (omega 3 low cholesterol ones) and I fancied a change. They turned out a million times better than I had ever hoped they would and took all of 3 mins to make so I had to share!

This recipe makes the European crepe type pancakes rather than the American Diner style ones, for a thicker pancake increase the amount of tapioca flour used.


  • 1/2 cup of Tapioca flour (the equivalent of a 100ml measuring spoon)
  • Banana mashed up
  • Egg
  • 50ml Almond milk
  • A drop of coconut or olive oil for frying

Serving: 3 pancakes

Cooking Method:

It honestly is this simple: In a bowl, mix the flour and egg until its all combined. mash the banana into the mixture then add the almond milk. the batter will be a little lumpy from the banana but it cooks fine.

Heat a little coconut or olive oil in a pan – literally only a drop if you are using a non stick pan. ladle the mixture into the pan and cook like a normal pancake. you can even flip them as you would normally!!

As these contain banana they are better as a sweet pancake, we served it with diced peach and maple syrup (Also a grey one on the Paleo scale but a tiny drop gives a lot of flavour!)

These were excellent!! will definitely but trying these again!!

Enjoy 🙂

39 thoughts on “Paleo Pancakes (Tapioca-Banana Pancakes)

  1. These are amazing! I even left out almond milk – didn’t have any, replaced with water and they turned out great!!! Thanks a bunch!!

  2. Hi there – thanks for posting this recipe. Do you think they would taste ok cold? And how long do you think you could keep them in the fridge for after cooking a batch? I’m thinking about making a weeks worth in one go…

    • Hi Shireen. Thanks for stopping by! About serving them cold, it’s a personal preference and we’ve never tried them cold but please share your thoughts when you do.

      We normally don’t recommend refrigerating any of our dishes for more than 2 days. Given how fresh our ingredients are, and how easy these are to make (literally 3 minutes of preparation) we’d recommend that you make them fresh or a few days in advance.

  3. Tastes pretty much exactly like the unhealthy crepes I used to eat so much! – just with a bit of a (not unpleasant) gummy texture perhaps. Even though these contain bananas, I used them for a savoury snack – as a wrap to eat a can of a salmon with. Was delish! 🙂

    • Did you use tapioca flower or maybe tapioca pearls? The pearls come in all sizes and do keep their form so could give a grainy texture, but tapioca flour should be very fine, almost the same texture as cornflower.

  4. We have been making these for a while now. Just a bit of water, tapioca starch, some linseed, salt and an egg makes a nice savoury one. We usually do with ham and cheese and tomato with some oregano. Frys easily without any fat if using non-stick.

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  6. thank you for sharing this recipe. I have 500g of tapioca flour and don’t know what to do about it. This recipe definitely helps. Will come back after making tomorrow for breakfast.

  7. Just an FIY tapioca flour were made by Brazilian indians before the Portuguese arrived in America and “discovered” them. You cant get more Paleo than that 🙂

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    • Hi Steve,
      Ive never tried then without banana so I’m not sure that they would work. The banana seems to give it the substance to hold it all together but it you do give it a go, I’d suggest replacing the banana with a little more tapioca flour. Let us know if it works 🙂

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  17. Ow!! My goodness gracious!! what a treat. I made a double batch of your recipe this morning and we all love it. Thank you so very much for your recipe, definitely is a keeper. I have a lot of cassava flour because I like to bake PAN DE QUIEJO, you know that popular brazilian bread to die for, but I also wanted more recipes and I found yours. Have a great day!

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  21. Have you tried freezing the batter? I was looking to make a big batch of pancake batter and then freeze it for later when I came across your recipe) It looks like it doesn’t take much to put together, but I was thinking of freezing the batter in batches for my daughter to cook in the mornings. Less prep time for her…

  22. Hi, just made these last night and they were real tasty and so simple to make, although as another poster commented “a bit gooey in texture”. Could that be because of the banana? Can I use a shredded apple instead?

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